Why I Like Forever’s Photo Storage

I really like Forever for photo storage. Forever is a US company that offers a complete memory-keeping platform with everything from photo storage to photobooks. I am a Forever Ambassador because I recommend their products to clients all the time and I’ve been using their products for years! Forever’s primary mission is to preserve your memories, photos, and videos.

Here’s what I like about Forever photo storage:

1. Forever offers permanent online storage for your photos and videos. Your storage is a one-time purchase, you don’t have annual or increasing fees.

2. Forever’s permanent storage is permanent – it’s guaranteed for your lifetime plus 100 years. Forever is serious about preserving your photos and passing down your family stories.

3. Forever saves your photos in full resolution; they do not compress your images.

4. Forever keeps your metadata attached – all the information recorded by the camera like the capture date and any geotagging as well as any metadata you’ve added like tags or keywords.

5. Forever protects your privacy without having to change any confusing or complicated settings.

6. Forever lets you connect with family members so they can view your photos too. You have control over who can view what in your account.

7. Forever offers an app for our phones so when we take a picture it is automatically uploaded to the site and stored in our collection. This copy acts as a back up copy of the picture on your phone. If you delete the picture on your phone, it doesn’t change the copy in Forever.

8. Forever will convert HEIC formats to JPG as they are uploaded to your account.

9. Forever allows you to upload your photos from different locations, your phone, your computer, a different computer.

10. When you put the Forever app on your phone you will have the option to upload all the photos in your camera roll.

11. Forever works with iCloud to upload full-resolution images, even if you have your photos optimized on your phone.

12. Forever allows you to upload videos up to 4 GB.

13. Forever has a system call Valet that will upload your photos and automatically sort them into year and month folders based on the date they were taken.

14. Forever also allows you to store your photos in the same file structure you use in your digital photo hub.

15. Getting your photos out of Forever is easy. They don’t compress your images or strip the metadata so when you download a photo from the site you get back exactly what you uploaded to begin with.

16. Forever will also use Valet to download your photos in the same file structure you’ve used to organize them on the site.

17. Forever uses an album system so you can view your photos in different ways.

18. Forever respects our videos too. They store them in their original format. You can download and watch your videos offline any time.

19. Forever offers a streaming video plan so you can watch your videos in full HD Quality on any device, at any time, right from your Forever account.

20. You can optimize your videos and free up storage space if you choose.

21. Forever will migrate video and photo formats to new formats as the existing ones become obsolete. This is a unique feature in photo management sites.

22. You can designate an Account Manager, someone else who will have access to your account should something happen to you.

23. Forever has Ambassadors to help you with your storage, organizing and sharing. You can even set up your Ambassador as an Account Manger and hire them to do it all for you.

24. Forever is thinking about the long-term preservation of your photo and video collection. Your Forever account has preservation settings where you can tell Forever what you want to happen with your account when you are no longer able to manage it. You can designate an Account Manager here and make arrangements to change the settings in your account so Friends and Family can access the photos and videos.

25. Forever offers photo products so you can use your collection to make books and gifts right from their platform.

Forever’s primary mission is to preserve your memories, photos and videos. Even though they sell photo products they remain committed to the primary mission of safely preserving our photo collections. They are the only company offering permanent photo storage. I will be using Forever to store my family’s Legacy Collection of photos and videos.

If you are interested in a stable platform, without annual or increasing fees, then Forever may be a good choice for you. Here’s the link to their website: Forever If you create an account with me as your Ambassador I receive a commission on your purchases, but I’m also available to help you with all your Forever photo projects!

As with any cloud service remember that we are using their service and that they can change this service at any time. Be sure to keep another copy of your photos and videos in a different location.