Family Photo Solutions

We believe everyone deserves a photo collection that makes them happy!

We are a Calgary based business dedicated to helping you preserve your family stories. We handle all of your needs locally, and treat your photos and videos like the treasures they are. We use high quality Kodak and Epson scanners and processes that have worked for many, many clients.


Kim's Story

Like most of you, I had "Organize Photos" on my to-do list, and even as a stay-at-home mom, it sat there for ten years. I started a number of times, but each year it became more overwhelming and other things took priority. When my to-do list came down to "Organize Photos" and "Update Resume" it was time to start organizing!

Turns out that my love of photos, family stories, technology, organizing, planning and puzzles, makes Photo Manager the perfect job for me!

Our solutions developed over time, as I worked through my own collection, then those of family and friends. I've learned that every collection is different and presents it's own set of challenges but by standardizing our processes, and following industry best practices, we can work our way through any collection.

Is your photo collection a mess?

Perfect! I love a challenge!

Family Photo Solutions

Kim Zjalic - Certified Photo Manager

“Kim was a delight to work with, offering an efficient and cost-effective way to preserve our memories for posterity.  We highly recommend her!”  Ruth and Phil

Family Photo Solutions

We believe in FAMILY - strengthening connections, preserving memories and sharing stories makes us stronger.

We choose SIMPLICITY - solutions that work. Every time.

We understand TRUST - your memories are treasures, we're honoured you trust us with your family photo collections.

We value HAPPINESS - making you happy makes us happy!

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