These are products I recommend for your memory keeping projects. They are products I use and love.

Some will have affiliate links that provide me with compensation if you make a purchase through my link. Thank you for supporting my business!

External Hard Drives on Amazon

I use both the Western Digital (WD) and Seagate external hard drives for extra storage and for keeping my back up copies safe.

WD 2 TB My Passport portable external hard drive on Amazon

Seagate 2 TB portable external hard drive on Amazon

Need more storage space?

WD 4 TB Elements portable external hard drive on Amazon

Seagate 4 TB portable external hard drive on Amazon

A solid state drive (SSD) is a more advanced type of external hard drive. They do not have any moving parts so they may last longer and they transfer data faster than a regular external hard drive. While SSDs have a longer life span they are more expensive. Check them out here: on Amazon

Scanners on Amazon

Interested in scanning your own photos and documents? These are the scanners I recommend.

Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner on Amazon

Epson FastFoto FF-680W Photo Scanner on Amazon

Pacific Image PowerSlide X 135 for scanning slides on Amazon

Computer Accessories on Amazon

These are items I use all the time!

USB Hub on Amazon

A USB Hub allows you to connect more devices to your computer. Handy when transferring between external hard drives or flash drives! I’m currently using this one Insignia 4 Port Hub on Amazon

Card Readers on Amazon

I gather photos and videos from a lot of different sources. Often I need to be able to read different types of card storage media. I’m currently using this one Delkin USB 3.0 Universal Memory Card Reader on Amazon

Adapters on Amazon

It seems I need a different type of adapter for every other project! Amazon is a great source for finding the specific type you need. My last one was this Apple USB-C to USB adapter on Amazon

DVD Drive on Amazon

Do you still have data on DVDs but your new computer doesn’t have a DVD drive? I don’t see my model any more but it’s similar to this external DVD Drive on Amazon

Audio Cassette to MP3 Converter on Amazon to convert your audio cassette tapes to digital. This is the one I use – on Amazon

Surge Protector Power Bar on Amazon

I always use a surge protector power bar to plug in all my various devices. I’m currently trying this one to see if I can get all the cords tucked in behind the monitors and away from my feet! Trond Surge Protector Power Bar Tower on Amazon

Cord Organizing Clips on Amazon

Because SO MANY CORDS! I use these on Amazon and these on Amazon

Headphones on Amazon

We use a variety of headphones for gaming, listening to music, and just cancelling out all the distractions!

Air Pods on Amazon

My daughter is wearing hers all the time! Hello? I’m talking to you….

USB Memory Sticks on Amazon

I use tons of these to return projects to clients. I consider them short term storage so I don’t invest a lot of money in them – they just need to be reliable enough to get the project transfer done! I typically use these Raoyi ones on Amazon

Dust Covers on Amazon

Dust is the enemy in the scanning game and it’s impossible to control for dust in my open office environment. I use dust covers on lots of my equipment – if you can’t find one that fits your specific scanner look for one with similar dimensions that will do the job. And swiffers. I use A LOT of swiffers! on Amazon

Photo Organizing Tools

Speaking of dusting, I also use this Metrovac DataVac ED-500 Electric Duster Kit on Amazon – it blows air without the compressed liquids so it’s safe for electronics (like cleaning that dust causing streaks inside my scanner!)

Kinetronic StaticWisk on Amazon a brush that attracts dust – another tool for the battle!

Bulb Blower on Amazon for, yup, you guessed it, removing dust!

Gloves on Amazon for handling photos

Storage Boxes like these on Amazon These ones say acid free and photo safe but they’re not archival. I use them for temporary storage and sorting photos. For a less expensive temporary box Michaels has them for about $4. For an archival box for long term storage I like the following:

Archival Storage – look for storage options at Carr McLean (Canadian) and Archival Methods (US). Both have true photo safe, archival options for long term storage of your photos and other memorabilia.

  • Archival Methods Boxes on Amazon for safe storage of photos, slides, negatives, tapes, film and memorabilia. See more options on their website, the link is in their name above.

Light Pad on Amazon these are great for viewing slides. A simple one like this would do the trick on Amazon

Label Maker on Amazon because I use it waaay more than I thought I would! This is the one I use on Amazon

Photo Gifts

Digital Frame on Amazon

I love the Nixplay Digital Frames – see them here on Amazon We have given them as a gift many times! We can manage the photos on the frame from a website so we can continually change and update the photos that our family members are enjoying in all their different locations!

Photo Frames on Amazon

Here are some other photo gifts to browse on Amazon and on Shutterfly So many great ideas for personalized gifts!

Business Books

It’s no secret that I love to read business books for fun! Here are some of my favourite business and non-fiction books:

And on my reading list:

  • Deep Work by Cal Newport on Amazon
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki on Amazon
  • Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck on Amazon


I use a variety of software in my business but I find myself recommending the following items over and over:

Wondershare UniConverter – to convert video formats – check it out here Wondershare UniConverter

iMazing – to make the iPhone/PC users world so much easier! Check it out here iMazing

Adobe Bridge – I think I talk about this program every week! Check it out here Adobe Bridge

SmugMug – for photo storage and sharing. I use SmugMug to share my family’s personal photos. Check it out here SmugMug – get 20% off your initial subscription when you purchase through this refer-a-friend link.

Forever – for photo storage and sharing. I will be using Forever for my family’s personal legacy collection. Check it out here Forever – Sign up and confirm your email on the Forever site for a $20 off coupon. Select Refer-a-Friend by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner and if they sign up and confirm their email you each get a $20 coupon! Free photo storage anyone?

Carbonite – for automatic computer backup. We use Carbonite to back up our computers. Check it out here Carbonite

Backblaze – a popular alternative for automatic computer backup. Check it out here Backblaze

Photo Book Publishers

I’m currently working to update this list.

Forever – check them out HERE

Feel like you’re behind in your photo books and you’ll never get caught up? Check out Forever’s Autoprint books – lightning fast!

Sign up and confirm your email on the Forever site for a $20 off coupon.

Pikto – check them out HERE

Printique – check them out HERE

Mixbook – check them out HERE

Shutterfly – check them out HERE