Newsletter – April 2020

April Tip – Try Some of our April Activities

Our list of April Activities is bursting with creative, fun and useful ideas! From using your photos in art projects, to conducting a print photo treasure hunt in your home, we have come up with more than 50 entertaining ideas to keep you and your families busy. See the Blog for our ever-growing list and pick an activity to enjoy today.

Create a Photo Book for Christmas

Christmas? We haven’t even taken the lights down yet! I know, but if you want to have photo books to give as gifts next Christmas you have a better chance of completing them if you start now. Think about the type of book you would like to create and make a plan. A book with a concrete subject is easier to complete – the trip to Italy, our winter ski vacation, Ella’s first year.

Your 2020 Year in Review book will not be complete by Christmas, you will probably want to include some of your holiday pictures, so create a 2019 Year in Review book to gift.

I saw a great book recently called “Quarantine, A Cats Perspective” that had pictures like the author’s two cats lying on opposite sides of the bed practicing “social distancing”. Be creative and have fun!

Here are steps to follow to complete your photo book project (with fewer headaches):

  1. Decide on a subject for your book
  2. Gather the pictures for this subject to one place – I like to create a folder and put COPIES of the pictures I plan to use in it.
  3. Decide which publisher you will use for your book – this will determine the size, shape and cost of your book.
  4. Choose a picture for the cover of your book. Its OK to use this picture again inside your book.
  5. Start creating the pages for your book – either on the publisher’s website or in your own software. Think in terms of two-page spreads, make sure the two pages you see at the same time coordinate and the format and spacing look good together.
  6. Add a Title to your book – both on the front and the spine if the publisher allows it.
  7. Edit – check every page for spelling, spacing, font type and size. Make sure you have left room for each page to be trimmed. Check the gutter and margins to make sure you have enough space.
  8. Save your project. Leave it for a day or two then edit it again.

Print your book and enjoy it with family and friends.