Bonus April Activities – #51 – 53

51. Make an Insurance Video

Walk around your house and make a video recording everything in your rooms. Be sure to cover things like electronics and jewelry. Include your garage and things like tools, bikes and outdoor sporting equipment. Once the video is complete take additional pictures of smaller item (like your jewelry) and scan or photograph any appraisal documents. Keep everything together in a folder on your computer.

52. Take a Photo of a Special Item and Tell the Story

Choose a special item in your home and take a picture of it. Record the story that goes with it then keep the photo and written account together in a document. If you or a family member choose to write the story rather than type it you can record the story through a photograph or by scanning it. Your item may be a family heirloom, a special gift or maybe your first teddy bear. Whatever your treasure is, the story makes it more special.

53. Send a Photo to a Friend

Reach out to friends and family with photos. Send them a photo that reminds you of them and open the conversation. Remember when…