Digital Photo Organizing Solutions

A Digital Photo Organizing Project is the easiest way to go from overwhelmed to organized.

Organizing your digital photos gives you:

  • a complete collection in one location
  • the ability to quickly find any photo you’re looking for
  • an easier system to maintain – because we know you’ll keep taking pictures!
  • improved digital workflow – with an organized collection you can use technology to make the whole process easier!

Digital Photo Organizing Projects

We use screen-sharing software and work right on your computer to gather your photos and videos, remove duplicates, organize the collection and create back up copies. The three levels of projects are based on the number of sources we will be accessing to find photos. A source is any item that holds your photos and videos – a computer, phone, external hard drive, DVD, USB stick, camera memory card, etc.

Level 1 Project – $1000 | 2 sources – one phone and one computer

Level 2 Project – $1500 | Up to 5 sources

Level 3 Project – $2000 | 6 or more sources


Do you just need some guidance and accountability to complete your digital photo organizing project? We offer Coaching Services to help you reach the finish line. Help as you need it.

One Hour Coaching Session – $70

Additional Services

Available to clients who have completed a Digital Photo Organizing Project within the last 18 months.

Searchable Digital Photo Organizing Session $1000

We add up to 10 keywords to your photo collection to make it searchable.

Maintain It For Me $200

We connect to organize your photos and videos from the last year and make sure your collection is safe and up to date.

Curated Legacy Collection $1000

We work with you to select the most important photos in your collection. We add all the details and stories into the metadata and set these photos apart so they’re easy to find.

How booking a Digital Photo Organizing Project works:
  1. Hit the Book Your Project button and send us a message to get started. We will contact you to book the start date for your project.
  2. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at the time of booking. Once this initial deposit is received, the booking will be confirmed, and our project is officially under way! An additional deposit of $400 is due before midnight (MST) the day before our scheduled start time. This $400 deposit is fully refundable if you cancel your project (in writing) before midnight (MST) the day before our scheduled start time. The remaining fee will be collected at the end of the project.
  3. Once the booking date is confirmed you will receive a Project Information Kit. This will explain what to expect in our sessions.

Our Digital Photo Organizing Projects have 5 general steps:
  1. We gather all your photos and videos to a central location, your Digital Photo Hub
  2. We remove duplicates
  3. We organize your photos and videos into a chronological folder system
  4. We create a back up copy of your entire collection on your external hard drive and a second copy in a cloud storage site we select together
  5. We walk you through your collection and explain how everything works. We also provide written instructions you can refer to if needed.

Would you like more detail about the process? Visit our DPO Process page

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ Page

Digital cameras became popular just after 2000. That’s 20 years of memories we’re worried about! We all switched over quickly, often without a plan in place to protect our photos, and often without really understanding the technology and what we were doing. Many of us struggled with just getting our photos on to the computer. And then came SMART PHONES! Our digital photo collections exploded! Our lives got busier, everything got more confusing and nothing seems to integrate easily. Oh, and now everything changes about every 6 months or so. It’s no wonder we’re OVERWHELMED!

That’s why we choose simplicity. We choose solutions that work. Every time.