A Digital Photo Organizing Project consolidates all of your digital photos and videos into a chronological folder structure, eliminates duplicates, and securely backs up your collection. You will have a complete digital collection that is easy to understand, access, maintain and back up. Here are the steps we follow in more detail:


  1. We decide together on the cloud back up service that will work best for you. I have a few cloud back up services I like to recommend. Some of them are automated services that back up your computer. Some are cloud based services where we can store your photos and videos. Cloud storage is a complicated and quickly changing topic. We’ll discuss the options to find the best way to back up your photo collection and simplify the digital workflow. 
  2. We will decide on a location for your Digital Photo Hub. This will be the location you go to use your photos. We will look at the pros and cons of locating your Digital Photo Hub in various places and I’ll help you decide where to keep this main collection of your photos and videos.
  3. We connect via screen sharing and we gather all your photos and videos to your Digital Photo Hub. 
  4. We remove the duplicates in your collection. We look for all duplicate photos at a 100% match. We do not delete any of your photos – when we remove duplicates we move them into their own folder called “Duplicates – to be deleted”, outside of your chronological folders, so you can review the items and delete them yourself.
  5. We organize your photos and videos into a simple, chronological folder system based on the date the photo or video was taken.
  6. We correct missing or corrupt capture dates where we can. Any items missing information in the “date taken” field will be moved to their own folder, outside the chronological collection, so the date can be figured out and the “date taken” field corrected. The photo can then be sorted into your collection correctly. Sometimes we can use clues within your collection to date these photos (for instance it might have come from a folder called Hawaii January 2005) and sometimes we will need your help.
  7. If you chose to add the Searchable Digital Photo Organizing Session we go through every photo in your collection and tag them with your keywords. Your keywords could be people’s names, holiday locations, pets, friends, activities, holidays, anything you would use to find a group of photos in your collection. For example, if you have a cottage where you vacation every summer you could use “Cottage” as a keyword in your collection. If you were making a photo book about all the fun you’ve had at the cottage over the years you could simply search your collection for the keyword “Cottage” and all you pictures will pull up for you. Using keywords makes your collection searchable.
  8. We create a back up copy of your full photo collection in your preferred cloud storage location and a second back up copy on your external hard drive.
  9. We walk you through your collection, explain how to maintain it, and answer any questions. We also provide detailed written instructions for maintaining your collection so the next time you need to add pictures to it you can just pull them out and follow along.

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