Newsletter May 2018

Let’s talk video!

May Tip – Organize Your Videos

The videos we take need to be organized too. If you have created a digital photo hub to corral your photos make sure you move your videos to this centralized location as well. In my digital photo hub I have a folder for photos and a separate folder for videos. Within these folders the photos and videos are organized into folders for each year. I like to separate them as I consider organizing my photos and my videos separate tasks. I follow different procedures and use different software. Many people like to keep all the photos and videos from one year together in a single folder. This works just fine as you know exactly where everything from a specific year can be found. Either way, gathering your videos to your digital photo hub is a great way to keep track of them and continue enjoying them.

Tips for Shooting Better Home Videos

We have been enjoying watching our old family movies and videos. I have noticed how much more engaging they are when I have done some editing work with them – but that’s a time-consuming process! I’ve been trying to create better video to start with – so I have to spend less time editing later on. Here are some tips for shooting better home videos:

1. Think of the story you are telling – stick to that theme for the duration of your video.
2. Keep your shots steady – use a tripod or brace your arm against something to keep the camera still.
3. Shoot smaller videos – its easier to connect small pieces than trying to figure out where to cut pieces out of videos that are too long.
4. Take more video – remember to switch to video mode whenever you take pictures. Watching our videos, I wish I’d taken more when the kids were little!
5. Video the people – encourage your family to talk to you while you video, capture them interacting with each other – these clips will make the most precious memories.
6. Edit – some editing will always make your videos better – get rid of the extra bits, cut your videos into more meaningful pieces, connect pieces of video to round out a story.

Here are a couple of smartphone video tips:
1. Shoot horizontally
2. Zoom with your feet

See if you can capture more video this summer. When you are looking back at this time you’ll be glad you did!

Video Editing Software for your Computer

There is a huge array of video editing software available at a wide range of price points. Search the internet for reviews – look for price, ease of use, number of video tracks and output options.

These are some of the best free video editing software options:

iMovie for Mac users
Windows 10 Photos app
Lightworks or Shotcut for MAC and PC

These will all allow the user to join, trim and add music and titles to your videos.

If you would like to invest in more speed, video tracks and effects, these have been considered the best video editing software by many of the most reputable websites:

Adobe Premier Pro – cross platform, PC and MAC
Corel Videostudio Ultimate – PC
Cyberlink Power Director – PC
Apple Final Cut Pro – MAC

Video Editing Software for your Phone

There are also many video editing apps which allow you to edit video right on your phone. You will not be able to do as intensive editing on your phone as you can on your computer – but many apps will do the basic trimming and joining as well as polishing up your phone videos by adding music, titles and effects.

iPhone users can download iMovie from the app store for free. iMovie has all the basic video editing features with an easy to use interface.

iPhone users can also check out Clips or Filmaker Pro.

Android users can check out Action Director, Adobe Premiere Clip or Power Director

There are many more apps available – search through your app store to find some that offer unique or fun effects.