Newsletter – February 2018

While the cold temperatures and bad roads kept me at home for the last few weeks I’ve taken advantage of the time to convert old VHS and camcorder tapes to digital format. We’re all enjoying the “old home movie” nights!

February Tip – Put ALL Photos from 2018 in One Folder

You can start organizing your digital chaos right now by simply creating one folder for your 2018 pictures and downloading your photos to this folder every time. Much of the digital chaos on our computers is caused by multiple downloads of the same photos into different folders which end up stored all over our hard drives. Start creating order. Commit to putting all your 2018 pictures in one place – easy to find, easy to see duplicates, easy to back up.

Start Your 2017 Family Album

Download all your pictures from 2017 and you’re ready to create a fabulous 2017 Family Album photobook. First, decide where you will have it printed. Seems backwards, I know, but if you decide where to print it you will know your budget, size options and software available to help you design it. Check out:

Artsy Couture
If you use Photos on your MAC you can create beautiful books through Photos

Many photobook sites let you design your books right on their site – you simply upload your photos and get to work. More creative designers may want to design their own pages before uploading them to the publisher’s website. Check out Forever’s Artisan 5 Digital Scrapbooking software or Adobe’s InDesign software to create beautiful photobook pages.

We love to create photobooks! Contact Family Photo Solutions to have us create your photobook for you.

Let’s Celebrate Love! Convert your Wedding Video (or other memories) to Digital

Do you have a wedding video on VHS, camcorder tape, mini DVD, or some other outdated media format? Family Photo Solutions can help you convert them to a digital video so you can enjoy watching these memories again.

We convert VHS tapes, Hi-8 and 8mm camcorder tapes. In some cases, we can convert other camcorder tape sizes. There are a few things we do not convert – film (the kind you show with a projector) and odd sized media like mini-DVDs and mini-CDs. We researched conversion options in Calgary, had them convert film for us, and compared their digital versions, prices and service. We are now comfortable offering a Conversion Management Service through Family Photo Solutions. For an introductory price of $20 our service includes:
– Finding a reliable conversion service who can convert your type of media
– Delivering your media to the conversion service
– Following up on your conversion project
– Picking up your new digital video and your original media

For an additional fee we can:
– Add a title page to your new digital video
– Create a 5 minute “highlight” video for you from your full length digital video
– Convert your digital video to another format (for example from AVI to MOV or MPEG4)

Tape and film degrade much faster than our print photos. Gather them up today and contact us to have them converted before they deteriorate further.