Media Conversion Solutions

Creating digital copies of your older media allows you to see them on your computer and other devices, back them up, and easily share them with friends and family. Which memories do you need to save first?

Print photos - (2x3 to 8x10) - scanned at 600 ppi - $0.25/photo

Print photos that are larger, smaller, fragile, damaged or dirty are scanned at 600 ppi - $0.50/photo

Slides - scanned at 3600 ppi - $0.50/slide

Negatives - scanned at 3600 ppi - $0.50/negative image (not strip)

VHS and VHS-C tapes - converted to MP4 -  $20/tape

Camcorder tapes - 8mm, Hi8 and Mini-DV - converted to MP4 - $20/tape

DVD/CDs - with images - $5/DVD or CD

DVD/CDs - with videos - converted to MP4 - $10

Additional Services:

Removing photos from photo albums - $70/hour

All digital copies are returned on an external hard drive or USB drive you provide. I also sell USB drives at cost for your convenience.

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“I wanted to surprise my husband and family members with a unique gift this year and decided to turn our old VHS tapes filled with wonderful childhood memories into digital copies for everyone to share and enjoy. 

I was worried with every passing year that these tapes (already in poor condition) would disintegrate and we would lose our precious memories for good. 

I reached out to Family Photo Solutions because I heard good things about their work and management and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Not only did they capture the tapes exactly as they were, but the turn around time was quick and the price was incredibly reasonable for the quality they provided. They also returned my tapes in perfect condition and months later unexpectedly reminded me to make sure I saved several copies and gave me easy clear instructions on how to do this for myself. 

I would highly recommend Family Photo Solutions to anyone looking for a trusted company that can help organize and save your priceless memories.” Jennifer Young

"Not sure why I waited so long..... 

I had some old family movies of my kids early birthdays and finally decided to convert over to digital. It was fast, seamless, and inexpensive. Kim provides a contactless drop off and pick up. As a family (virtually) watching these movies together has been so much fun!"  Christine

“I was referred to Kim by someone I know. I needed to transfer home movies from cassette to a zip drive. I reached out to Kim and she was responsive, provided a thorough explanation of the process and costs. She completed my order in a very timely manner and at her quote price.  I was very pleased and would highly recommend Kim.”  Janet

Time is not kind to these older media. The sooner you can convert them, the better the result will be!

Family Photo Solutions
Family Photo Solutions - Convert Slides and Negatives to Digital Photos
Family Photo Solutions - Convert VHS and Camcorder Tapes to Digital Video
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