10 Not-so-Classic Photo Books

We all know and love the classic themes for photo books – baby books, wedding books, travel books. But if you’re feeling the urge to be a little more creative check out these 10 ideas for “not-so-classic” photo books!

  1. A-Z Baby Books – the classic baby book is made up of pictures from each month of baby’s first year culminating in their first birthday. Why not try a different type of baby book? I love an A-Z Book made especially for your baby. Pages might include B is for Brother, with pictures of your baby and their big brother or C is for Cup with a picture of your baby using their favourite cup. This type of book lets you highlight the people, places and things that are special to your baby.
  2. All About You Baby Books – I like these baby books that showcase your baby’s personality. Highlight all the things that make your baby who he/she is. Things like how they line up their cars, separate the food on their plate, or throw everything out of the crib to nap. Show how they make happy, sad and angry faces, how they throw themselves flat on the floor for a tantrum and blow kisses to people in the store. Every baby has their own ways of expressing themselves – saving these in a photo book will be a treasure for parents, grandparents and the child.
  3. What I Love About You – these books can be made for a child, teen or adult in your life. Highlight the things that are special about that individual – their smile, how they make coffee every morning, how they sing in the shower. This book is guaranteed to make them feel loved and special.
Family Photo Solutions
10 Not-so-Classic Photo Books – Family Photo Solutions
  1. Interview Book – these books follow an interview format, questions and responses. Interview your special person then publish the interview with pictures of them. Make your questions age appropriate, though questions like “If you had a superpower what would it be?” could be asked of anyone. You could interview the same person with the same questions every few years to highlight how they grow and change over time.
  2. Family Favourites– I love this type of photo book! Capture all the family favourites like where we play, where we eat out, what we did, what we wear, our friends, favourite foods, our big adventures. This could be an annual project or complete one every few years to highlight how things change over time.
  3. Grandchild Book – these books are for grandparents, made by their grandchild (grandchildren). Include artwork, poems, thoughts about how they like to spend time with the grandparent, things they would like the grandparent to know. A book from many grandchildren could include a page or two from each grandchild with their picture, some artwork, and something they want to say.
  4. Grandparent Book – these books are so much fun, especially with younger grandchildren. Ask a question on each page and have the grandchild respond. Questions could include “what do you think I liked to do when I was your age?”, “What do you think I do while you’re at school?” “If we could take a trip together where would we go?”. Have the child draw a picture and include it on the page with their answer to the question. Be sure to capture the way they express themselves. If they are old enough, have them write the answers and scan them so you can include their writing in the book.
  5. Gratitude Book – these are some of my favourite books to make. Take pictures of the things you are grateful for and make a page with a picture and a few words about it.
  6. Fathers Day Book –take pictures of Daddy interacting with the kids all year. You can capture lots of things they like to do together, how he helps them, and pictures of them cuddling. You can have the kids write a letter and put a picture of it in the book. Ask your kids questions and record their answers “What is your favourite thing to do with Daddy?”. Of course, a Mothers Day book is equally as powerful and important.
  7. Halloween Book – Collect pictures from all the Halloween celebrations over a span of years. You could make a book every 5 years with the costumes, parties and pumpkins. You can make this type of book with any re-occurring event. I make a Halloween book but I also publish a book every 5 years with our adventures at our summer cottage. I love how these books show how favourite activities change over time as my family grows up and interests change.

Let these ideas inspire you to create a fantastic photo book this year!