10 Types of Photos that are Digital Clutter

We take a lot of photos. Our best photos get lost in amongst all the others. I consider the photos we don’t need to keep digital clutter and recommend we clear it out on a regular basis. Here’s an easy list of things to clear out!

  1. Duplicates – keep the largest resolution copy and delete the rest.
  2. “Bad” Photos – blurry, the floor, your thumb, you know the ones!
  3. Group Shots – keep the best one or two and delete the rest.
Family Photo Solutions
10 Types of Photos that are Digital Clutter – Family Photo Solutions
  1. Pics to Post – your lunch, your dinner, your wine, …
  2. Reminder Pics – the school schedule from two years ago, that type.
  3. Shopping Pics – the photos of that item at Costco and the close up of the price. All those.
  4. Wish List Pics – those boots! But are you really going to pay $3000 for them? Let them go.
  5. Photos with Filters – or writing, or moustaches – keep a couple and delete the rest.
  6. Event Shots – pick the pictures that best tell the story of an event, 4-5 of them, and let the rest go.
  7. Screenshots – I know you want to do those exercise programs but will you? Pick one, print it out and delete the rest!

Photos you don’t need are digital clutter. Keep the best and delete the rest.